The project

THE COLLECTIVE PLAYS! aims at promoting the creation of plays which are the result of a collaboration of playwrights of different nationalities.

The playwrights meet and cooperate to create a narrative structure which is organic but at the same time incorporates different perspectives, styles, languages and idioms.

In this dimension, the final play’s draft is entrust to one playwright who never tries to homologate the different styles but, on the contrary, tries to highlight their contrasts by creating a collective narrative structure which resembles a cubist painting.


The objectives of the EU COLLECTIVE PLAYS! project are

We enjoy doing...

The results of the EU COLLECTIVE PLAYS! project are

9 collective plays by group of playwrights

will be created and 5 plays will be given a full production as a result of promoting international cooperation between playwrights and organizations

Collective writing laboratories

will be promoted to enhance the skills and also entrepreneurial competences of dramatists and artists in order to internationalize and/or strengthen their international career and to create innovative practices

Promotion and dissemination events (workshops / workshows)

dealing with polyphonic writing and inclusivity will be organized in order to connect artists and audiences and to test new cultural and collaboration models

A web area and media tools

(focused on new practices strategies in theatre and their exportability in film, television and web), will be developed to raise audience awareness

Co-authored English translations

of the commissioned plays will be published to make the cooperation between artists of different nationalities easier and to enlarge audiences

Work packages

Main deliverables of the EU COLLECTIVE PLAYS! project

Transnational Steering Committee
National working groups
Project Management toolbox
Partnership meetings
Quarterly report by each partner
Annual reports
Final report

Dissemination Plan
Project brochure
Brochures on project activities
Project life video clips
Thematic posters
Institutional website with pages in national languages
Facebook page
Twitter page
Quarterly newsletter
Workshops and workshows
Educational and promotion meetings

Exploitation plan and roadmap
Focus group and knowledge circle
National memorandum
Final conference

Internal Quality Plan

Transnational groups committees of Playwrights
Collective Writing Laboratories
Collective Writing Contest
9 full-lenght polyvocal plays

Context study on audiences attitudes
National Awareness Audience Activists Groups
National Awareness Raising Workshops

Workshop focused on promotion of theatre literature
Workshops on text and dramaturgy for tv, video, visual involving underrepresented groups

Official productions of the selected plays a “Festival within a Festival”
Site productions in unconventional location


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Our international partners